A normal person living in a not so normal country. Experience Wake Up and how your day to day actions and choices can change your own world and the world of the people around you. A minimalist narrative game about the awakening of another anonimous fighter againts authoritarianism.

  • A game made for the 'ResistJam 2017' Game Jam.

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Published Mar 13, 2017
AuthorInverge Studios
TagsAbstract, Atmospheric, Minimalist, resistjam, Short, text-based
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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Really good game, you don't need great graphics to do something powerful.

Well done guys !


I lowkey cried once the powerful music kicked in


loved the game! simple but powerful.


An amazing game would love to see this become a better and more full game with more endings and options keep up the great work!!

We are pretty happy with the game and a lot of people seems interested in the idea. Maybe one of our future projects is new game with this kind of gameplay.

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Excuse me, is there an ending when you don't rebel or do you have to rebel eventually?


Our original idea was a game with multiple endings depending of your choices (rebel ending, don't rebel ending, neutral ending), but sadly with only 48h of development we choose to work only with the rebel ending for the game jam theme. Maybe in a future version.

Ok, I'll stay tuned


Really liked this. Kind of like a mix between A Dark Room and Papers Please.


very well done! I felt like into 1984. Good job!


the best short game experience I've ever played, congratulations!

Thanks for all your kind comments :D


An emotional and amazing experience. love it.


best game made me cry love the style and effort put into this game keep up the great work .




beautiful game <3


Made my friend sean cry